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We are always looking for good people to help us in this much needed rescue program. You can help as much or as little as you can personally handle, whether that is in the form of long-term fostering, simple transportation to new owners/ fosters, home visits, or anything in between.

Even if you live in a state where there are plenty of volunteers, we can still use the help. The first step along the way is to fill out our Volunteer Application Form! Once that is received, we will contact you to arrange a home visit.

We are always in need of people who are able to provide temporary foster care for dogs in need until they can find a forever home.

To get started, please complete our Volunteer Application Form now!

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If Yes, please list the name(s) and age(s) of any children living in the house:
What type of home do you live in?
Do you own or rent your home?
If you rent, do you have permission from your landlord to have a large / giant breed dog?
If you have a yard, is it fenced?
Please describe the approximate size of your yard and the type of fencing (if applicable).
Note: a fenced yard is mandatory unless approved by the rescue committee.
Pet Information  
Please explain why you would like to adopt a Neapolitan Mastiff:
Do you currently have any other pets?
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Will the dog you adopt or foster live primarily inside or outside?
If the dog will stay outside during the day, please describe the shelter he/she will have:
How many hours a day is someone at home?
Have you ever owned a dog in the past?
If Yes, what breed (list all)?
If Yes, please describe when you had those dogs and what happened to them:
If NO, please explain why you have not ever owned a dog before?
Veterinarian Information  
Do you currently have a vet?
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Veterinarian's Name or Clinic:
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Personal Reference Information  
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Additional Information  
Is there any other information you feel may be important for us to know when determining the best Neapolitan Mastiff to match with you and your family?
Is there a particular NRI Rescue Volunteer that you have been in contact with?

By entering your name below, you apply your signature to this form and affirm that all information above is true and correct to the best of your knowledge: