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Thank you for seeking out our rescue program to re-home your dog into another loving home. We understand that this is a difficult decision that you are making, and we will try our best to make this process and transition happen as smooth as possible.

Certainly placing your dog through our, or any rescue program, is the most loving and humane act you can do for your dog in the event that you can no longer care for him or her. It shows a high degree of responsibility on your part, instead of just "dumping" your dog off at a local shelter, and creating a lot of painful stress and confusion for your dog.
Below is the process that you will need to follow if you feel you can no longer keep your Neapolitan Mastiff. Please read the process carefully, and follow it completely. If you do not follow the process exactly, the process of re-homing your dog will be slowed-down considerably.

Please don't be deterred by the length of the below process. Much of the below text is for information purposes, and will ensure the quickest, and most successful placement possible for your dog.

Dog Surrender Process

1. Contact us so you can be connected with the rescue volunteer located closest to you geographically.

The rescue volunteer will have an in-depth discussion with you regarding your dog and his/her temperament, the environment in which he/she currently lives, and all other relevant information that may be necessary in placing your dog.

Please note that it is extremely important to be totally honest when answering all questions regarding your dog. This will give your dog the best possible chance of a successful transition to his/her new home.

Also, Please note that we cannot accept into our program any dog that has bitten a person or shown other signs of serious aggression and temperament problems. If it is discovered that you were dishonest in any way on your evaluation form, and the dog was placed and bit a person, you will be held legally liable for all damages inflicted by the dog.

2. Complete below on-line forms.

If the rescue volunteer believes that your dog is able to be placed through our program, you will need to complete the  on-line forms shown below. Also, a complete explanation of why these forms are necessary can be found here. Please Note, that sending these forms to us does not constitute a legal transfer of ownership of your dog to us. Steps 4 through 6 below must first occur prior to your dog being formally accepted into our rescue program.

These forms are:
The Online Dog Profile Form
The Dog Surrender (Release Contract) Form [Adobe PDF, requires Acrobat Reader]

3. Review submitted forms with rescue volunteer to clarify any pertinent questions our rescue volunteer may have.

Schedule a home visit with a representative of The NeoRescue Inc. Program. Our representative will personally assess your dog's temperament, current living environment, and physical condition, which will help determine your dog's overall ability to be placed

If your dog is not current on his/her vaccinations, and/or is not spayed or neutered, then you will need to take care of these medical requirements prior to your dog being accepted into our rescue program.

4. Send a picture of your dog to the NRI Volunteer

Once the above steps have been completed, then your dog will be entered into our rescue program, and the adoption process will begin.