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These are "Happy Endings" stories from the past.
Rocco - IL
Rocco came to us from a friend at a local animal shelter. It was lucky for Rocco that our friend has connections at this particular shelter, because they put Neos and other similar breeds to sleep there. Rocco's original owner died when Rocco was just a puppy. A relative "inherited" Rocco but lived in an apartment. When the people at the apartment complex found out there was a dog in the apartment, they threatened eviction. Not knowing that there was a rescue for Neos, the relative placed Rocco into the local animal shelter. Thanks to our friend at the shelter, Rocco's life was spared. Rocco now lives in Indianapolis with his new owner Jerry who spoils Rocco silly and shows Rocco the same dedication and devotion that Rocco himself is so quick to show.

Babe - FL
My name is Roger we have adopted Babe the Neo from Karen Hermanspan here in Florida we are about six months into being owned by her, both me and my wife has had big dogs in our lives before, I helped my father from an early age with pitbulls and coonhounds and the wife had Danes so anyway we stumbled onto the breed done some research and through an AKC judge we know found this wonderful person in Karen Hermanspan she is one of the best people I have ever met in my 35yrs of life and those dogs sure are lucky. She has made me want to join in and help Rescue and we have done that our first rescue was Leo in Florida that is my little girl is hugging him in the picture on the rescue site just before we dropped him off to Karen. Babe is a 3yr old tawny that if I had to put it in one word it would be awesome !!!!! she is so sweet and perfect I guess you could say she is just like the volunteers we have in our rescue program . We have two other dogs and they both love her and the older dog really likes her because Babe plays with our young dog and the old dog can sleep. We take her to Petsmart and to the dog parks she likes the dog parks the best. And loves to ride no matter where you take her she wants to be right with us which we all love she has a nice yard to go into but if we are in the house that's where she wants to be and we like that to. Sorry this is so long and if you can use this for the website and you need to shorten it up that's fine. We also have a cat that's a rescue from 16yrs and 2 birds which we rescued also and we all love Babe and she loves us too. Thanks to people in Rescue and people like Karen , Babe has brought us so much happiness and a wonderful breed that we will never be without again.

Hooch - MD
It has been two months since Hooch came into our lives. I cannot remember life without him. Thank you Jenn for meeting me on short notice so I could pick up Hooch. When I first came home with him I was a bit overwhelmed. I thought what have I done. It has been close to ten years since I had a dog. At 4am the first night I could not sleep and Hooch was awake. I took him for a walk. So peaceful. I told him how I felt and he seemed to understand. He took it slow the first couple of weeks until I seemed to get back into the flow of having a dog. Now he is so loving, adoring, rambunctious, playful, curious, gassy, and the most wonderful loving dog. He is my baby boy and goes everywhere with me. I was suffering from the empty nest syndrome and he has lifted my sprits. I don't even mind if the kids don't call on a regular basis although they think I have gone over the edge. He loves to go for walks with my husband in the woods behind our house but if he hears my voice inside the house he comes running home. What a great feeling of being loved. He loves to bark and protect me from the wild turkeys in the woods. Big Bad Dog! Here is a picture of him relaxing after burying bones in the backyard. Look at that dirty nose!!! - Cindy

Panzer - FL
Hello, My name is Michelle Rühnau and I would like you to meet our new "baby" Panzer. I have owned Neo's before, my husband has never had the experiance until now. We have a 6 year old German Shepard who is registered with Florida Search & Rescue, she has been an only child, and now is adjusting to having a little brother. I love the tenderness of the Neo but the massive look. They may be big and mean looking but my Panzer is as sweet as can be. Pictured here with my friend as you can see he loves attention. Panzer would enjoy nothing more than stretching out with you and taking a nap, but any little sound and he's up to investigate. Panzer has been a joy since day one, everyday he does something to make me smile. Thanks so much, we wouldn't be a complete family with out you!!! Much love, Michelle & Dale Rühnau

Daphne - MI
Hello Everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have contributed to the wealth of information put out on the various message boards provided by the USNMC members. My family and I researched several Mastiff breeds for over a year and were about to get an OEM when I stumbled on your website back in September. After reading numerous postings and books we changed our mind and applied to your rescue program. We were blessed in January to receive the newest member of the family Daphne. She was a stray found in northern Michigan out in the winter elements walking around very malnourished with a torn ACL. She was picked up and brought to a shelter. Not being able to finance the operation and not wanting to put down such a fine animal the shelter personnel had the forethought to contact USNMC rescue, Mrs. Natalia Temple. Your organization fixed her leg and provided all the medical attentionrequired. She was then placed in a foster home(one of the shelter workers) that tested her and helped her recover. Two days after her surgery we were able to meet her, love at first sight. Two weeks later she was a member of the family. Daphne os our first Neo, we were previously Rottie owners who were looking for something different and we sure got it! She has been amazing, her sense of compassion and forgivenees to the "humans" who hurt her so is amazing to me. We have two young daughters who Daphne watches like a hwak, especially when outside. She will play with them until she is tired then lay down in a postion to watch over them, if they go in the backyard and Daphne gets up and goes with them never letting them out of her sight. If for some reason the kids are outside and Daphne isn't, she will cry relentlessly at the door until we let her out. You just can't beat this breed, the drool is very easy to overlook given all she brings to the family. It is clear Daphne has also adopted us, within the first montha gentlemen came in to give us an estimate on cleaning our carpets, she immediately began barking. She would not stop until he left, none of the Rotties I had were this persistent, once allowed in our home our Rotties would normally calm down, not Daphne, she would not have this stranger in her home. Yet somehow she knows the difference between our friends whom she welcomes and strangers even thogh it may be the first time she meets one of our friends. She is also the neighborhood favorite for kids to come pet when we are walking her, she graciously slimes each and every one of them. Anyway enough rambling, I really wanted to say "thanks", we are truly blessed, thanks to your organization. Steve Walsh Kingsley, MI

Caesar - VT
Our family adopted a beautiful male Neo who we named Caesar. We have 3 children all under the age of 7 and were a little nervous about adopting. Caesar came to our home in Vermont from a city and didn’t know what to make of the country. He had obviously never been in the woods, as he would jump at the sound of a twig breaking and could not figure out how to get around a fallen tree. He had also been badly abused by someone and unfortunately for me, it was someone who I reminded him of. Caesar loved our children and loved my husband but would not come near me or let me touch him for the first month we had him. He was petrified of me and would jump and run away if I moved. I was heart broken that someone could do this to such a beautiful animal. But I was patient and knew Caesar just needed time. I made sure I was the only one who fed him (at first he refused to take food from me, but he must have got very hungry). I also made sure to go with my husband on walks with the dog, and I made sure never to make any fast motions towards him that would make him nervous, I let him get comfortable in our home first and eventually he came to me. Well it has now been 2 months and I can’t imagine our family without him. He is a loving gentle dog and has come to be my best buddy. He has even learned to love the woods and we go for long walks alone together everyday. -- Elpi Arvanitakis

Zeus Di La Rescue' - ID
Meet Zeus, he is a permanently fostered neo through USNMC rescue. Zeus is 7 years old and came into the program in very rough shape, physically he has extensive pressure sores from laying on hard bedding, very thin due to lack of care and his teeth are virtually non existent. Mental wellness was not optimum either, Zeus is a very friendly and outgoing neo, and was really starved for affection. Now a few months later, he has gained weight, being taken care of properly, and is getting all the attention he can handle, a success story for Zeus !! Zeus is now a happy and healthy companion, he has a home where he is treated with dignity and respect and has all he needs or wants. USNMC Rescue has a few special needs dogs in their program right now, all supported by our volunteers. Zeus has all he needs but the others still need a little help, wont you please find it in your heart to give a little to the other neos who need it? Regardless of donation amount, every little bit helps.

Kayla - MD
This is Kayla's story. She is a 4 year old blue female Neapolitan Mastiff. She was turned into a shelter because she was found guilty of protecting her home. When a stranger came into her house, Kayla responded by grabbing his arm and holding him. Kayla's owner decided that she no longer had the time to give, so Kayla was taken to the shelter. She was placed in Rescue for an evaluation, and that's where I found she has a very high defense drive and has been taught to be aggressive to anyone who is carrying a stick ( or broom etc). She has such a drive that she is considered unadoptable. I have decided to keep her as she is very well behaved when in my control. She is a wonderful companion to my other dogs, and very sweet and loving to those she knows and trusts. Neapolitan Mastiffs should NEVER be trained to be aggressive. Kayla's story would have had a different ending had Rescue not been there. But, she is now a much loved member of our family.

Bruno - NH
Early Spring of 2003 a Neo named Bruno came to stay with our family as a foster. Bruno lived in a couple of different homes before he came to stay with us. We decided to foster Bruno because of his special needs due to seizures. We were unsure if we would be able to meet all his needs on a permanent basis therefore we thought fostering him was the best thing to do. After spending one week with Bruno we knew we couldn't part with him. We will let Bruno tell the rest of the story...... I was picked up by two strangers on a Sunny Sunday afternoon. I greeted them with a wagging tail and lots of drool! I eagerly jumped into their car and began my 2 1/2 hour drive to what they thought would be my foster home. I knew better! How could they possibly not want to keep me? I was introduced first to my new teenage boy whom I greeted with my happy wagging tail and of course lots of drool! I then met what they called their dog, a bossy little 4-lb. Maltese named Trinket. This went just fine. Trinket gave me a little growl and I walked away. I guess we will work on our relationship over time. To my surprise they had several cages in the home with what I thought was live animated toys! I soon discovered they weren't toys for me and I should keep my nose away from their beaks. IM starting to figure this out. Trinket is the alpha dog. At least I will let him think he is. The parrots do have a use after all. They drop yummy treats from their cages that Trinket will on occasion share with me. A week has passed. I have jumped on bird cages, marked all the furniture in the house and soiled some carpets. After all this, they still want to keep me. Week Two....The dreaded Vet! Nice guy but I am now neutered. We discuss my seizures, medication and diet. They are reducing my Phenobarbital doses to find a safe but effective level. My diet has been changed to a holistic dog food. Week Three....I am settling in quite comfortably. Mom and Dad should buy a king sized bed we are a bit squished at night! Its a good thing Trinket doesn't take up much room. Week Four.... This is a very rough week for me. I began seizing early a.m. I continue to have seizures on and off around the clock for five days. I saw the emergency vet and my regular vet. Everyone is very worried. I was prescribed valium to try and help control the seizures. My mom slept in the family room with me the entire time. I lost my vision, balance and control of my bladder and bowels for the 5 days. IM glad my mom was with me, we were both scared. The 6th day I was feeling much better and stopped having seizures. My Phenobarbital was increased but still at a safer level than it was previously. They have added Potassium Bromide to be given with the Phenobarbital. We hope this will help. It has been six months since my last seizure. I have gained a much needed 20lbs. My mom and dad have been kind enough to replace the soiled carpets with wood flooring. Should I have more seizures in the future the new flooring will be much easier to clean. We all had a really rough start getting to know each other and figuring out what everyones needs were. I have been taught what is and isnt acceptable as far as behavior and where I am supposed to go to the bathroom. It took time, patience and love but we have worked through everything. I am very happy here and quite spoiled. My favorite toys are stuffed animals. I will happily greet you at the door with one. I enjoy going for walks, rides in the car, wading in the river, playing fetch and last but definitely not least.....wrestling with dad! Thank you to the rescue for finding me a good permanent home. Thank you from my mom and dad for placing a really affectionate special dog like myself with them!

Tonka/Bella - VA
My Dearest Bella, who shared her love with me, for a year, before finding the family she should have always had...Miracles really do happen! Hi Momma Sheree, Momma Ann has been busy taking care of the house, horses & Papa jim that she doesn't have much time to spend on the computer. So I've asked Papa to write this. Unfortunately we have o new pictures at the moment but that will soon be remedied. I have 2 beds now, one upstairs & one downstairs (the one downstairs int really mine, but I'm bigger than Sammy so I claim it). Beren is my 16 year old brother & we have to do what he says. My Cousins Isabella & Thor have spent the last 3 weekends here it is so much fun. Isabella & I wrestle all the time until Beren says stop. I help Mamma feed the horses & chickens, & take long walks with Papa. He even lets me watch him in his work shop. I miss you, but these people are fun too. Papa says he is going to teach me how to swim. Love, TonkaBella

Tony - NJ
Tony is happy and well, living in Carteret, NJ, with my sister Pat. It's been 14 months since Tony showed up in a NY shelter. Sue anderson brought Tony to Pats house to be fostered, and it was love at first sight. No adoptions came through, Tony didn't want to eat dog food, and she was older, not what most families wanted. She was almost adopted to one family, Sue even drove and met them, Tony was not happy, the lady wasn't happy, seems Tony was too quiet, too drooly, and she certainly didn't want to deal with a picky eater. Pat would like to thank this lady, and all the others who did not want to take a chance with Tony, it turned out to be the most blessed failed adoption possible! Pat and Tony have become the greatest gifts either one could ask for. Thank you USNMC rescue, and thank you God...

Sasha - VA
Dear Sheree, I hope you are doing well. Sasha is doing great! I would say she is completely adapted to our home. She is very attached to me and follows me around. If my husband tries to hug me, she tries to separate us. (We do it just to see her reaction!!) We've had a parade of relatives (including children) this summer and she has behaved stellarly. My nieces (8 and 10) wanted to take her with them. My best friend's children thought it was great to be able to give a dog a "full-body hug". They, too, wanted to take her with them! Sasha went to the beauty parlor a few weeks ago (since it had rained for more than 40 days we hadn't been able to give her a bath outside). It took 3 people to get her in the tub!!!!;-) I told them this is why I would rather pay THEM than do it myself! All in all, she is having a good time and is spoiled rotten. All the best, Mayra M

Adonis - VA
Donny has been our most successful failed adoption. He came starved, all bones showing, and still let his rescuer, Jenn, take a hamberger from his mouth. Of course he got it back and then some! It certainly was love at first site, but we do rescue, and of course he had to get better, and be placed. Donny had a different plan in mind... He mended well, and showed us the gentle, noble neo hiding under that neglected body. He was adopted to a wonderful young couple, who just adored him, but it was not meant to be, Donny came home to us, never to leave again. We have since found he has an enlarged heart, but that just makes him more special to us. Donny is where he belonged from the beginning, and my husband and we couldn't be happier about this failed adoption. Thanks USNMC! Sheree & Glen Turk

Onyx - NH
Our family adopted Onyx on April 4, 2003. We met Sheree Allen Turk in Virginia to pick her up. Sheree was her foster mother and had told me about Onyx long before we decided to adopt again. Sheree told me that she had found the perfect dog for us. I had no idea how right she was! The moment I saw Onyx, I knew she was the dog for me! She was so pretty, soft and friendly. She just melted my heart! We drove her back home that very night. Onyx slept all the way home! Once we arrived home, she was welcomed by all her new brothers and sisters. Her two new human brothers were very happy to see her, also! She has now been with us for three months and it seems like she has always lived here. I can't imagine a time that she wasn't here. She sleeps beside my side of the bed and snores louder than her new dad! She loves free run of the house and likes to "talk" to her dad at the dinner table to see what he has saved for her! We take her with us everywhere. She likes to go fishing with the boys or on trips to grandma's house. She likes to go for walks, if it isn't too hot out! On hot days she can be found napping under the air conditioning vent. I was surprised to see that Onyx has taken to my husband more than to me. She gets so excited when he enters a room and look out when he gets home from work!! He is definitely her favorite human in the world! He likes her just as much! She has taken over as "top dog" in the house and her dad likes that, too! No one can get lose to him when she is around! Thank you so much for all the work the Neo Rescue does for these wonderful dogs. They are certainly worth it! I especially want to thank Sheree Allen Turk and Jennifer Groves for saving Onyx. They gave Onyx a second chance for a happy, healthy and spoiled life! She is certainly a very special dog! Thankfully, Brenda Prochilo and family Antrim, NH

Free Willy - MD
Free Willy was my foster for a very long time. He beat the odds with his health problems, and now, is very happy in his forever home, as he so deserved, below is a short note from his new father; Dear Sheree Thanks for the letter and I have that Photos with the "Ex-gang" You know Willy is the one on the front. He is my big love of my life. For some reason he and me klicked from day one. He loves Marge too, but when he has to choose, I am allways the winner. Every evening he is beside me and hes head has to touch some part of my body. The snoring could wake up dead peopel, but we love it. In the morning he jumps on the bed and starts talking to me. ( well it sounds like talk). I talk back and he returnes my Youuullll!!! We love him and we did not know that a Dog can be such a easy going body. Give me food, some walks and love, and i will pay you back with all my heart. Thats Willy. Love Kurt

Pebbles - NJ
My wonderful Pebbles,how lucky can a foster mom get, a great foster for 11 months, and a perfect new family to love her for the rest of her life, it doesn't get any better than this... Sheree Allen Turk A short note from her new family; Nivea (Pebbles) is a doll. She has adjusted so fast!! Considering all the troubles she had as a puppy and the nature of the breed, I expected it to take several weeks, but by day 2 it was like she had been here a month & by night 5 she was no longer sleeping in her crate. Bogus, my Rotti is somewhat jealous. He sulks when I play with her, but when they go outside, they chase and play together. They had bonded by day 2. She is a very playful gal, acts like a pup, and he loves to play with her. She is very interested in my 2 cats. The only time she seams to care is if they run! Reminds me of a bear...play dead you might be ok...run your dead! She hasn't tried to harm them, she's just curious. Well today was Thanksgiving day , so off we went leaving the dogs behind for 3 hours. Can you imagine my fear when I came home and couldn't locate my new Neo gal? Well silly me, she was laying in my king sized bed. Why didn't I think to look there? I would not have known she was there except that when she snores it sounds like a huge military helicopter is hovering over your house. I thank God for people like Sheree and Glen who take in dogs like Nivea and bring out the best in them so they can come and be a part of a family like mine. My family is thrilled to add her to the crew. ~Teresa, Lexie, Terry, Nivea & Bogus

Blue - MA
Hi! This is Blue, the newest member of our family. We happened upon him while looking up mastiffs online. We were so excited to discover such a great rescue league. We already had two dogs, and were looking to add to our family to ease the impending pain of the loss of our aging Rotweiler Maxie. We all fell in love with his story and picture. Before he came to us, we made copies of his picture and our kids took it to school. Our whole extended family thought we were absolutely crazy! He looked huge and ugly in the picture. Nydia delivered him to us on a cold rainy day in October. It was then that we thought everyone was right, we were crazy! He had a bad cherry eye, a huge cyst on his back and a stench that made us gag! After a quick shower, he came into our home. He immediately attached himself to us. We fell in love! He is so sweet! We can't believe how easy the transition has been! He had never been an inside dog, and he preferred doing his business on concrete. The first two weeks were tough, (We still have not been able to put our carpet steamer back in the closet!) Blue tried to mark every corner of the house. we followed him around and the minute he raised a back leg, we pushed it down and ran to the door with him!! After two surgeries to correct his cherry-eye, neuter him and remove his cyst, things got better. He looked so much better, and the marking stopped. Blue quickly broke all the rules, and earned a spot on our bed. He goes on every car ride with us, has gone to work with Lou, and gone to our 4 year olds pre-school for show-and-tell. Can you believe that not one of them was afraid of him!? Our extended family has also fell in love with him. He is our gentle giant. Nothing melts my heart more than seeing him snoozing, with his jowls and wrinkles all spread out. After a month, he learned how to play with our mastiff-mix Gabby, now the two of them are inseparable. He has eased her pain with the loss of Maxie in December, as well as that of the kids. We check in with the web site often, to read the profiles of the dogs waiting to be adopted and wish we could adopt all of them. Can you believe since October, the number of Neapolitans waiting to be adopted has doubled?! We hope this does not scare anyone away from them, it is not their fault! Too many uneducated people see the breed and think they can either make a bundle selling puppies, or turn them into vicious guard dogs. We hate to think of the dogs that did not make it to the rescue league. People have to understand too that not all of them have been abused. They are extremely intelligent and learn the rules very quickly. Our road to "happily ever after" with Blue has been a bumpy one, but definitely worth it. Just last night he peed from our kitchen, into the hall, and all the way up the stairs. He managed to get every single step. We all are learning that he needs to go out every couple of hours, and he still is not sure who to ask to go out! Apparently, last night he thought our four year old Lucy at the top of the stairs was responsible. These incidents are less than once a week now, and getting fewer and further between. Also, he can't be left alone in a car with a cup of coffee! He doesn't knock the cup over, he picks it up in his mouth, tips his head back and drinks it like a shot! I hope our story inspires others to let a gently used giant into their hearts. It is truly one of the best pet experiences we have had! Sincerely, Lou and Michelle Grignaffini

Caesar - MI
Just wanted to send you an update about Caesar. We love him! He came to us about 7 months ago very thin and a little shy. I have to send you a picture, words won't do him justice,but will try... He now weighs 169lbs. He has really filled out. He is so handsome, people stop their cars to tell us so and ask about him. He loves to walk and run. He gets lots of excerise. The weight is all muscle. He has become very protective and a big baby at the same time. We call him our big boy and his tail wags so fast and his butt wigglies, then he will roll over to let you rub his belly. He is a gentle giant who loves the cat (thinks it's his) and will let the cat move him over to eat his food. He also thinks he is a lap dog and loves the couch. He will accept all the attention you can give him. He is always at my feet,can't go anywhere without him, he won't let me. He is such a baby with a big bark when someone knocks at the door. And a good thunderstorm will send him right into my bed wanting me to protect him. He loves my sons, gets so excited when they come home from school. He won't stop wiggling for a least an half an hour. We are very happy we rescued Caesar, we love him very much. He is really a part of the family. Thank you Helen

Bartholomew(Bam Bam) - NJ
Bam Bam, now Bartholomew, is finally where he was always meant to be. His dads, Mauro and Paul, are all Bartholomew as always dreamed of. He now lives in NJ, a real happily ever after story... For a young boy who truely deserved it... Thank you so much, Mauro and Paul