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Starry Night Neo Print

In time to fulfill your holiday shopping needs, NRI has a limited number of prints of 'Starry Night' Neo in a variety of mat colors. Printed on card stock paper, the total dimensions are 11" x 14" suitable for standard frames, or they can be custom framed. They are available for $19.99 each plus $5.00 shipping.
Purchase Starry Night Neo Print
Type A
Purchase Starry Night Neo Print
Type C
Purchase Starry Night Neo Print
Type D
Rufio's Rumblings Greeting Cards
Greeting cards by RUFIO'S RUMBLINGS feature Rufio, a hip, cool and totally laid back Neapolitan Mastiff. Rufio will leave you speechless and wanting more!!  Be sure to choose RUFIO'S RUMBLINGS to deliver your next important greeting because nobody says it like RUFIO!!

20% percentage of each purchase will be donated to NeoRescue Inc.
Be sure to mention NeoRescue when placing your order.

Visit their website for more information and to purchase your Greeting Cards.

Happy Shopping.
Great holiday stocking stuffer DECAL for you or the Neo lover in your life!  Dress up your vehicle or kitchen window with this beauty!!!
$6.50 each (Free shipping)
Purchase Starry Night Neo Print
Type E
Quantity Remaining:  3  (as of 12/01/15)
Quantity Remaining:  2  (as of 12/01/15)
Quantity Remaining:  4  (as of 12/01/15)
Quantity Remaining:  1  (as of 12/01/15)
Quantity Remaining:  4  (as of 12/01/15)
My Heart Belongs to NEO Rescue T-shirts
Available in Black and Pink, sizes S to XXL

The price for the T-Shirts are $24.00 (Size S to XL) and $26.00 (Size XXL & XXXL)
Purchase Size S to XL T-shirt Here for $24.00:
Indicate your T-Shirt Color  (Black or Pink)
Indicate your T-Shirt Size  (S, M, L, XL)
Quantity Remaining: 
- 3 s, 2 m, 3 lg, 4 xl
Black - 4 lg, 7 xl
(as of 12/04/15)
Purchase Size XXL T-shirt Here for $26.00:
(Only Available in Black)
Quantity Remaining: 
7 xxl, 1 xxxl
(as of 12/04/15)
Indicate your T-Shirt Size  (XXL or XXXL)