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A percentage of your shopping purchases from one of the following partner companies will help raise awareness of our efforts toward No More Homeless Neapolitan Mastiffs as well as generating revenue to support Neo welfare education, intervention and initiatives nationwide. In addition, our partner programs provide corporate supporters an opportunity to make a positive impact in many animals' lives, and involve employees and consumers in the cause.

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You can support NRI through making every-day purchases through our Affiliates who contribute to our work for the animals. Please remember to mention NRI when making your purchase.
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Greeting cards by RUFIO'S RUMBLINGS feature Rufio, a hip, cool and totally laid back Neapolitan Mastiff. Rufio will leave you speechless and wanting more!!  Be sure to choose RUFIO'S RUMBLINGS to deliver your next important greeting because nobody says it like RUFIO!!

20% percentage of each purchase will be donated to NeoRescue Inc.
Be sure to mention NeoRescue when placing your order.

Visit their website for more information and to purchase your Greeting Cards.

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