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We will not accept into our Rescue/Placement program a Neapolitan Mastiff that has bitten anyone or that has exhibited any serious signs of aggression or excessive fearfulness (growling, refusing to look at people, baring of teeth, etc.). It is understood that an animal in a shelter may be terrified and may react inappropriately for several days. In these cases, we will observe and evaluate these dogs up to a week in order to determine these dogs's true personality.

We will not place a dog over a year old with an unknown background regarding children in a home with anyone under 12 years of age.

Similarly, unless we know the dog was raised and is good around children, we will not foster a dog in a home with children under the age of 12.
We will not place dogs with anyone until we have their filled-out application. We will not discuss specific dogs awaiting homes with any person inquiring about availability of dogs until we have their filled-out application.  We will not adopt a dog out to any family that has not had a home inspection by a member of NeoRescue Inc., or an approved representative thereof.

All NeoRescue Inc. volunteers must go through the same approval process as potential adoptive homes.

The adoption donation for NeoRescue Inc. dogs 3 Years old and under is $450.00. For dogs 4 Years and Older, the adoption donation will be $350.00.

Logical circumstances may arise where the donation should be reduced, or eliminated all together. This decision must be approved by a NeoRescue Inc. committee member, or the National Director.

NeoRescue Inc. volunteers will be reimbursed expenses for NeoRescue Inc. Dogs according to the guidelines set fort in the NeoRescue Inc. Foster Agreement.

We will not consider a dog as being placed into the program until the owner or caretaker has filled out the proper forms releasing the dog into the NeoRescue placement program.

We will not spend more than $300 on any dog.

Wherever possible, we will place dogs in the area of the country where they reside. We will not pay to have a dog shipped across the country.

When a dog is accepted into the program for placement, primary responsibility for determining where that dog should go will be assigned to one named individual. All other members of the committee will work through that individual.

When a rescue representative is not able to do a home visit or assessment of the dog or is not able to evaluate the foster home, the adopted home or the surrender home, the rescue program cannot accept the dog officially into our program. However, we will offer support and our resources to help the dog find a permanent loving home.

If a dog is unaltered, the NeoRescue Inc. will arrange to have the dog spayed or neutered before placing it in its permanent home. If a dog is owner surrendered and in tact, we will ask the owner to have the alteration performed or seek financial reimbursement from the owner.

Individual circumstances may dictate that any of these guidelines may need to be reconsidered for any specific dog. All of them can be overridden by a majority of the core committee.

All rescue volunteers and workers are required to sign a volunteer form stating that they will follow the operational guidelines of the program.

All rescue volunteers and workers understand and agree that the support and future of the Neapolitan Mastiff breed and of NeoRescue Inc. is more important than that of any single dog.
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