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Potential Adoptions:
Please note that in order to adopt/ foster one of the NeoRescue Inc. dogs, you must first fill out our Family Profile Application Form on our site.

Potential Volunteers:
Similarly, in order to volunteer with NeoRescue Inc. you must also fill out the Volunteer - Foster Application Form on this site.
(These forms are admittedly long, but they are necessary in order to expedite the process of helping these animals find the most appropriate home possible)
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Contact Form
Mailing Address:

NeoRescue Inc.
150 Fairlawn Avenue
West Hempstead NY 11552
Question About a Specific Dog:
To discuss a specific dog, please complete our Contact Form (below) and include the dog's name in the body of the question/inquiry box. The volunteer responsible for that specific dog will make every effort to contact you as quickly as possible.

Application Follow-up:
If you have already filled out the application form, but have not yet been contacted, please complete our Contact Form (below) and select the appropriate drop-down purpose.  The volunteer responsible for the dog you applied for will contact you.  Please allow up to 7 days after submitting your application before following up on it.

To donate to NeoRescue Inc., please go to the donations page. We can now accept credit/ debit cards through Pay Pal in any amount you can graciously give.
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